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An off-road adventure into the heart of Llechwedd's Mountains

Join us for an unforgettable off road adventure.

How do you fancy exploring our formidable slate mountains with a thrilling guided adventure in a 4 x 4 military truck? Grab hold and join us on a 1.5 hour journey to the top of our man-made summits: an extreme landscape 1400ft above sea level.

Our quarry explorer is an off road adventure that will take you right into the heart of Llechwedd’s man-made mountains. You’ll drive up high to the top of the quarry and into some of the massive craters we made by blasting the tops off our hundred-year-old caverns. You’ll learn more about how this amazing landscape was formed, and why it is now the subject of a UNESCO World Heritage Status bid.

Take in views of a side of North Wales you've never see before, and have the opportunity to snap some great photographs along the way!

What you’ll be exploring

Llechwedd’s mountains are completely unique: our towering summits were built by hand and hard graft – by the incredible men and boys who worked in our mines.

Colossal amounts of slate have been dug out of the earth since mining began here in the mid-19th century. Our mine extends down 16 floors – almost 1400ft down to sea level – and houses over 20 miles of hand-cut tunnels and caverns.

What is truly extraordinary is that an incredible 90% of the rock blasted out of the mines was unusable - the men heaved it to the surface using pulleys and carts, and now vast heaps of those discarded slate spoils tower above us!

Don’t forget - you get a very special discount if you buy the Deep Mine and Quarry Explorer together!

For group bookings – Call us on 01766 830306 ext 001 or email bookings@llechwedd.co.uk to get a group discount - Each truck holds up to 20 persons

If you have any questions about our Quarry Exporer tour, please read our extended frequently asked questions page here.

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Quarry Explorer Tour

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