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New Walk in the Footsteps tour is here! (Access via cable railway re opens February 2018; when our train returns from a refurb!

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Travel into the belly of Llechwedd’s mountain – on the steepest cable railway in Britain – you’ll experience some of the iconic sounds which have defined the last century and a half. The clock will turn back 160 years as you travel 500 feet underground.Extraordinary light projection, enhanced reality technology and explosive special effects will transport you to another time and place. You’ll meet the mine’s owner and founder John Whitehead Greaves, and some of the men and boys who spent up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, working underground in semi-darkness.

The Deep Mine Tour is available in English and Welsh and runs every 30 minutes throughout the day. Please arrive 30 minutes in advance of your tour to be kitted up!

After descending, the Deep Mine the tour is approximately half a

This includes walking and descending 61 well-lit, grippy steps.

Meet our friendly, expert local guides – many of them have family links to the slate industry going back generation after generation at Llechwedd.

For Group Booking – Call us on 01766 830306 ext 001 or email bookings@llechwedd.co.uk to get a group discount - Each train holds up to 20 persons

Further Q&A’s for Llechwedd Deep Mine

How far underground do you travel?
You actually travel 500ft underground.

What is it like being underground?
Temperature is approx 7C There are lots of tunnels and 10 chambers you will visit. It is dark in areas, but you will be wearing head torches and are assisted at all times with a guide who has contact with staff above ground.

Are there steps?
61 steps to walk down

What should I wear?

Comfortable footwear for walking is required as surfaces can be a bit uneven in areas.
Please wear jackets in the summer and coats in the colder months.
It is sometimes damp underground depending on our weather.

How long is the tour?
Llechwedd Deep Mine takes up to one hour and a quarter underground. We do advise for visitors to arrive half hour before the trip is due to commence. There is also a slate splitting demonstration after the tour which takes up to 15 minutes.

How far do you walk on the tour?
In all, about 1 miles. However we walk at a calm steady pace and will stop at regular intervals as you enter the different chambers and hear the fascinating stories we have to share with you.

Do I have to wear the overalls and helmets?
Due to health and safety you do have to wear the helmets at all times from the point of receiving the helmet to the point of handing them in after the tour.
The overalls/boiler suits are optional, although lots of visitors enjoy wearing them to embrace the overall experience! Also they do keep you warm underground in the winter months!

Can I take photographs underground?
Yes of course, just mention to the guide that you need a bit of extra time if there is something in a chamber that catches your eye. Our tour guides are lovely patient people so will be happy to accommodate you. Please do share your photos on our social channels.

Is the tour suitable for babies and young children?
You are more than welcome to bring babies and children on the Llechwedd Deep Mine tour via cable railway. However, please note that comfortable footware is needed and sometimes floors are uneven. Please keep hold of your children’s hands. It is dark underground and some children (not all) may get frightened. Children 3 years and under go free of charge.

Pushchairs are not permitted underground although you are able to use pushchairs and prams above ground in our shop and café.

Will my child have to wear a helmet?
Yes your child will need to wear a helmet, we do provide helmets for children.

Do you have baby changing facilities and toilets?
Please use our toilets in our reception area where there is a baby changing facility.
There are no toilets or baby change facilities underground.

Are you allowed to take dogs and assistance dogs on the Llechwedd Deep Mine tour?
No, not any dog is permitted on the Llechwedd Deep Mine tour, however dogs are allowed onsite as long as they remain on a lead.

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