The NEW Victorian Mine Tour

Miner's hut undergound Llechwedd

Learn about Sion Dolgarregddu

Deep Mine Llechwedd

Experience history 500 feet underground.

Cable Railway Down Underground

Take the steepest cable railway in Britain undeground!

Travel deep into the mine and back into the past on our spectacular NEW underground tour. Local guides take you through huge Caverns to experience the life of a Victorian family at work.

The Victorian Mine Tour begins on the surface - greeted by a local guide who accompanies you throughout your journey underground. You'll take a ride on the steepest cable railway in Britain taking you 100s of feet underground. Hear tales of the miners’ family life before setting off on our newly refurbished tour. Listen to the voice of Sion Dolgarregddu as he goes down the mine to work aged 12 and learns to dig for slate with his Father.

Marvel at the massive chambers and discover our new chamber unseen for nearly 50 years and enjoy a demonstration of how the Victorian miners used their dangerous tools! The tour finishes with a visit to the Mill where you can see the ancient skill of slate splitting or even have a go.

  • The commentary is available in English, Welsh, French and German.
  • Please call in advance to enquire about arranging a non-English speaking tour for your party.
  • The tour runs throughout the day and takes about 1 hour.

After descending into the Deep Mine the tour is approximately half a mile long. This includes walking and descending 61 well-lit, grippy step. You will then walk back up 70 steps at the end of the tour to enter the final Chamber.

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